Applying for a Grant

We have tried to make the grant application process as quick and painless a process as possible. There is a single form to fill out which can be found on the Application Form page.

There are also two pages, one of which contains the Terms and Conditions of the grant and the other which provides Guidance Advice. We strongly recommend that you read both of these fully as it will assist you and save you time.

Please remember that we do want to provide grants - that we is what we are here for. However, we can not help everybody that asks, there is neither sufficient funding nor do all applications meet our criteria. If we do turn you down, we will advise you as to the reasons so that you can consider these if you should wish to apply again.

If your application is successful, there is an implicit expectation that you will use the grant money provided for the purpose specified in your grant application. To use it for another purpose without our explicit consent is, to be blunt, fraud. In this event, the Foundation reserves its rights.

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