Application Form

Applications must be made onthe Foundation’s funding application form.

Please download and fill out the BJC grant application. Then send it to us either as an email or in the post (see contact page for the address details). If possible, please send the application as a Word document rather than a PDF file.

Before beginning an application, please make sure that you have read the Grant Terms & Conditions.

The Foundationconsiders applications each time it meets, approximately every three months and applicants can expect to be notified of the outcome of their application within two weeks of a meeting. (Since all Foundation officials work on a voluntary basis, the timescale may sometimes be longer – please be patient!)

Where timing is critical (eg attendance at a course or event), applications can be considered outside the normal timetable.

The Fourteenth Call for grant applications is now open. It will close on 30 April 2016. Applications will be considered at the following meeting of the Foundation, which is on Monday 16 May 2016.

BJC British Judo Foundation 2016