Guidance Advice

We want you to be able to present the most compelling case possible with your Application.  With a view to that, as you complete the form, you must think "what would I want to see if I was going to hand over a cheque for this".  So to assist you, here are some common examples we would like to see and frequently do not:

  • Mats
    • We like to see some evidence that you have researched the market and that you have a reason for selecting a particular make and type.
    • If you are buying a Tatami, it is a given that for an order of that size, all of the suppliers will offer a discount if you ask.  Please don't get generous with our money, we have to be careful to make sure that we have the funds to provide as many deserving grants as possible.
    • We like to see a two competing quotations.  We do NOT like to see a printout off a web page.  Any supplier will provide a proper quotation in writing if you ask.
    • Justify why you need the mat and convince us that it will be taken proper care of so that our investment in you lasts a reasonable time.
    • Make your request realistic.  If your club has 20 members, you don't need 144 square meters of mat.
    • We will carry out basic checks to ensure that your club is properly registered with one of the recognised Judo organisations and that your coaches are registered, trained and insured.
    • If you are looking to replace old mats, it will not do any harm to provide pictures of your current mat so that we can see the need is genuine.
  • Trolley and other storage items
    • We do not normally wish to fund these but a good argument can convince us.  You will need to write an explanation in detail, possibly including photographs which support your request.
  • Judogi
    • Some clubs seek assistance to purchase Judogi for the club to loan to members.  The guidance here is similar to the mats above.  Negotiate prices and get quotations.
    • Please do not waste our time with requests for Mizuno Shiai or Essimo Gold.  These are not necessary for club members.
    • You should explain why the club needs to loan these rather than the members buying their own.
  • Scoreboards and competition equipment
    • We do not normally wish to fund these but a good argument can convince us.  The reason you are going to have to overcome is our reluctance to spend money on a piece of kit that will only be used a very limited number of times per year.
    • Please bear in mind that with modern smartphones, tablets and laptops, scoreboard software is readily available priced at free to £5.  When combined with a LED computer monitor for around £100 upwards, there has to be a very good argument as to why a traditional scoreboard is necessary.
  • Coaching Courses
    • We do not normally provide grants for UKCC or FPJ courses.
    • We will favourably consider courses that provide skills for coaching SEN and/or disabled Judoka.
  • Supporting Potential Future Judo Talent
    • We will provide grants to assisting high performance Judoka gain access to the extra training that they require to push their goals further.
    • We expect to see a detailed explanation as to why this support is necessary along with financial justification.
    • If a grant is awarded, we will expect to see evidence that the grant is being used for the intended purpose.  If we have reason to believe that it is not, we reserve the right to request the grant to be returned.
  • Ad-hoc support for courses etc.
    • We will favourably consider applications for grants to assist those who are financially disadvantaged attend courses and competitions.
    • Such a grant will need to explain the reasons as to why it is required and if granted, what benefit the person will gain from it.
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