How to Donate

The Foundation is a small and very efficiently run charity - in line with the principles of Judo.  Our overheads are tiny, currently considerably less than 10% of our income as all but our accounting and legal services are carried out by volunteers.  Therefore you can be certain that any sum you donate, however small, will directly benefit those whom we support, helping our children have a better and more positive future, for all of our mutual benefit.

Personal Donataions

Every year a considerable number of people, from all walks of life donate to the Foundation, whether via collection boxes at events, through the annual Awards Dinner raffle or through cheques sent into our office or by text.  We obviously encourage your support and if you wish to help support us, you can click on this link to take you to the right page.

Corporate Donations

We are grateful to the support of several companies who donate generously to the Foundation thereby enabling us to extend and enhance the scale of our assistance to clubs and individual Judoka so that they can aim that little bit higher and make a greater difference.

Obviously, we are always looking for more companies who wish to support us and if you are interested, please contact the Foundation.

Gift Aid (personal donations only)

The Foundation is registered for Gift Aid.  It would significantly help our funding at no further cost to you as we can reclaim 25p from the government for every £1 you donate.  However, it is important that we gather certain information to achieve this, so we ask you to please complete this form:

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