Collections & Other Events

Each year the British Judo Council hold a number of events of which the two that showcase the best of what the BJC and Judo stands for are the:

  • BJC Open National Championships (held on the first Sunday of May)
  • BJC Closed National Championships (held on the third Sunday of November)
    • 2015  £205

These two events attract large numbers of contestants and usually, an equal number of spectators.

At each of these events a collection is held in aid of the Foundation and we are thankfully to all of the spectators who give generously.

The St Ives Quiz, Easter Saturday 7 April 2012

St. Ives Quiz


At the BJC Cornwall Area St. Ives Easter Course we had a fun quiz night on Saturday which raised £300 for our Charity and was enjoyed by young and old alike.

Many thanks to the quizmaster, Bernard Richmond, the bar of the Western Hotel and St Ives Judo Club for making all the arrangements! 


The St Ives Quiz, Easter Saturday 30 March 2013

A fun quiz night on the Saturday at the St Ives Easter Course raised £300 for the Foundation. Bernard Richmond was the organiser and quizmaster. The Foundation is grateful to the bar of the Western Hotel for allowing the quiz and the St Ives Judo Club for making all the arrangements.


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